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Ranjitkumar S.

Ranjithkumar S.

Sion, Mumbai

Upon finishing the recommended course in 2016, I achieved five job promotions by 2019, accompanied by substantial salary increments. Thanks to the option of paying the course fee in installments, I was able to manage my finances effectively and successfully complete the program. I wholeheartedly recommend the Knowledge Distance Education Institute.

- John Doe, Doe Marketing


  • Experienced career counselors identify issues and offer solutions for career advancement. Discover the obstacles holding you back and achieve job promotions, raises, or new roles through our comprehensive solutions. Get in touch today.

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    Exploring In-Demand Diploma & Degree Courses Among Working Professionals

    How to get job promotion - guidance at Knowledge Distance Education Institute

    Want to boost your career but don't have an Engineering Diploma or BE/B.Tech degree? Our popular courses are made for working folks with ITI or engineering diplomas. They'll help you learn the skills you need for roles like supervisor, junior engineer, engineer, or manager. Get in touch to know more and take your career higher!

    Career growth guidance at Knowledge Distance Education Institute

    Not having a bachelor's degree can slow down career progress for working individuals who finished 12th or an undergrad program. This can mean fewer job options and less chance for promotion or higher pay. On our COURSES  page, we provide courses designed for undergrad employees. These courses help them gain skills to overcome this challenge and move ahead in their careers. Get in touch to know more!

    Knowledge Distance Education Institute

    Graduate employees and professionals have their own career challenges in handling teams and resources. Advancing in careers often needs post-graduate degrees and skill training. Many universities offer courses made for graduate employees to enhance their careers. Find out more about our courses by reaching out to us!

    What's the Preferred Way for Employees to Obtain a College Degree?

    Recognized Universities offer various higher education learning methods categorized into five types: Distance, Part-Time, E-Learning or Online, Private or External, and Regular. These methods define how courses are taught. For working individuals pursuing degrees while employed, understanding these terms is crucial to ensure validity and compatibility with private or government jobs. Non-compliance with UGC rules can lead to degree invalidation. Achieving a degree while working can be tough, but expert Admission Counseling can prevent wrong choices. Curious about the right learning method? Book an appointment with our skilled Admission Counselor today.

      Distance Learning

      Distance Learning, also known as Correspondence Courses, gained traction in India during the 1980s-90s. To provide education to disconnected individuals, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was established. Mumbai's IDOL, YCMOU, Bharati Vidyapeeth, D. Y. Patil University, Manipal University, Sastra University and others exemplify universities offering distance and/or online degree courses. Explore more on BA, BCom, BSc, MA, MCom, MSc, BCA, MCA, BBA, and MBA courses on our COURSES page or at our visit Thane-based distance education center in Mumbai.

      Part-time Courses By Knowledge Distance Education Institute

      Part-Time Learning

      Numerous colleges and universities offer part-time courses tailored for working individuals. This mode ensures comprehensive skill development, efficient learning, and attendance management. Part-time learning is favored among employees for Engineering Diploma, B.Tech/BE, ME/M.Tech, BSc, and MSc courses. Discover these institutions by booking an appointment or visiting our Thane-based distance education center in Mumbai.

      Online Learning Knowledge Dstance Education Institute

      Online Learning

      The surge in digital transformation prompted traditional education methods to embrace technology, offering knowledge via e-learning and online courses. Despite stringent UGC guidelines, the pandemic has propelled the popularity of courses like BBA, MBA, BA, BCom, MA, MCom, BCA, and MCA. Discover more by booking an appointment or visiting our Thane-based distance education center in Mumbai.

      Private External College Learning Knowledge Distance Education Institute Thane, Mumbai

      Private / External Registration Learning

      Courses falling under the external (private) student registration criteria belong to this category. No class attendance is required; instead, self-study and workplace skill enhancement are expected. Among working professionals, BSc and MSc courses stand out in this category. Learn more by booking an appointment today.

      Regular Fulltime College Courses, Knowledge Distance Education Institute Thane, Mumbai

      Regular or Classroom Learning

      The conventional approach to teaching, known as regular learning mode, involves classroom teaching for all students. Attendance rules apply to these courses. Popular courses such as BA, BCOM, BSC, MA, MCOM, MSC, BSW, MSW, BCA, MCA, BSC-IT, BSC-CS, MSC-IT, MSC-CS, BLIB, MLIB, LLM, ENGINEERING DIPLOMA, BE, BTECH, ME, MTECH, BBA, and MBA are prevalent in this category. Learn more by booking an appointment today.

    Which Course Category is Most Popular Among Employees?

    "Indian universities have crafted programs to cater to diverse expertise levels, from beginners to experts. We offer comprehensive coverage across various categories, though specifics may vary among universities."

      Arts, Commerce & Science Courses

      Arts, Commerce & Science Courses

      Most common undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by various Universities, are categorically called as Traditional Courses. eg. BA, BCom, BSc, MA, MCom, MSc, etc. To know the traditional courses, visit COURSES page.

      Management Courses

      Management Courses

      A course provided by colleges or universities, which teaches skills concerning the management of a company, business etc is called as Management course. Bachelor and Master courses are offered under this category eg. BBA, MBA or PGDBM with various specilisations.

      Information Technology Courses

      I.T. Courses

      An information technology or computer science degree offered at the bachelor, master and PhD level. At the bachelor degree level, typical courses include theory, practical's & project based information systems, Website database implementation, introduction to DHTML and Java Script, as well a mathematics based curriculum. At masters & PHD level, the syllable is research oriented. BCA & MCA courses are popular among working professionals  

      Engineering Courses

      Engineering Courses

      Engineering is the application of science and mathematics to solve problems. Engineering courses in colleges and universities are included with such a syllabus that the learner may enhance his or her skills in labs and classrooms and apply those skills in the field while working. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Telecommunication, I.T., C.S. are few of examples of specializations preferred by applicants with B.Tech or Engineering Diploma. 

      Journalism & Mass Communication

      Journalism & Mass Communication Courses

      Mass communication is the study of spreading information to a large audience through various means of communication. Journalism is the activity of writing about recent developments for newspapers, magazines, etc. It has enveloped reporting done through radio, television & online media.

      Hospital Management & Healthcare

      Hospital Administration & Health Care Mgmt Courses

      Health administration, healthcare administration, healthcare management, or hospital management is the field relating to leadership, management, and administration of public health systems, health care systems, hospitals, and hospital networks in all the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. The lucrative career opportunities are available for MBA in Hospital Administration and Health Care Management candidates. Graduate or post-graduate candidates in medical, paramedical, pharma, ayurvedic, homeopathy, or dentistry do have lucrative opportunities in the hospital & healthcare management system. Contact us to know more on this today.

    Choose Your Dream Degree Course Without Our Assistance, Visit Our 'Career Library' to Get Unlimited Access

    Career library is a precious gift for you and your next generation. Knowledge Distance Education Institute has launched India’s first career lab for employed people & their children, where information of 50,000 colleges in India and Abroad, 300 + exams, Abroad studies application process, 20+ online courses, career library all are included in a single platform.

    Courses For Employed Folks

    Courses For Employed Folks

    Courses after 10th

    Courses After 10th

    Courses After 12th

    Courses After 12th

    Courses After Graduation

    Courses After Graduation

    Career Library

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    Career and admission counseling for employed and unemployed people can be tough for any counselor. Each candidate has their own unique needs, which we must scientifically decode through psychometric assessments and counseling for qualification upgrade. Over 1000 students have benefited from our services. Read a few of our students' trust votes...


    Mr. Prathamesh Bhole, Mumbai - MBA HR student of APU and a working professional says -"A cheerful counselling & career growth would be faster"

    Advocate Ms. Jasmine

    Practicing Advocate Miss. Jasmine Fernandez, Navi Mumbai - LLM student of APU says - "Though the fee was little expensive, I enrolled with University for LLM, I am happy with the counselling"

    Masud Alam

    MD Masud Alam, Thane, student of Part-Time Diploma In Civil Engineering, Sandip University of Maharashtra says - "I have received very good counselling at Knowledge Institute, fees is really affordable"

    "Upon finishing the recommended course in 2016, I achieved five job promotions by 2019, accompanied by substantial salary increments. Thanks to the option of paying the course fee in installments, I was able to manage my finances effectively and successfully complete the program. I wholeheartedly recommend the Knowledge Distance Education Institute"

    Ranjithkumar S.

    Sion, Mumbai


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