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Legal Disclaimer

Knowledge Distance Education Institute is a division of Knowledge Institute of Skill and Jobs LLP.

This website and The ‘Knowledge Institute of Skill and Jobs LLP’, seek to assist students in making informed choices about their education needs and connect with course providers. In doing so, this website and the Institute do not promote any course provider over the other. This website and the Institute seek to be information providers and are not Study Centers, and have no role whatsoever in determining a student's eligibility, the admission decision, tuition fees, academic delivery, examinations and awarding degrees for any university, institution or course provider. Students are strongly advised to visit the UGC Distance Education Bureau website to check details such as status of approval/recognition of universities and institutes and their territorial jurisdiction before enrolling for any distance or regular or online or part-time course. The UGC has from time to time issued advisory notifications in the interest of students. Students are strongly advised to read these notifications at and take a considered decision before enrolling for any course. The student will pay the prescribed fees directly to the course providers.

The Knowledge Institute of Skill and Jobs hereby disclaims any and all liability to any individual / organization/ person for any loss or damage caused to them due to information given here on this website. We have referred various Universities and Govt. websites to understand & share important information mainly useful for students who seek admission under the pattern of ”Private student registration / distance Education / e-learning / part-time courses / regular courses’ for various programs. Users of this website must understand that the Knowledge Institute of Skill and Jobs or its owner / employees / partner / parent organization are not a college or University neither franchisee nor study center of any University. There is a lot of confusion in the distance education segment hence it’s just a gesture to share the information with students to secure their interests. The information given above can be changed / edited without notice by Govt. agencies or courses certifying bodies at their end. It’s beyond our control to ensure the updates immediately over here. Students are requested to refer to the concerned websites before taking any decision on admission.

Student Policy (Terms & Conditions)

The below given student policy is in force and applicable to every student of the Knowledge Institute of Skill and Jobs (hereinafter called as knowledge Institute) whether he / she has signed it or not at the time of admission. The same is published on web-site and/or on the notice board of the Institute. Knowledge Institute may have ties up with the various organizations or Institutes. Hence the same policy shall be applied to all students who have enrolled through the Knowledge Institute to any other course offered by a third party apart from applicable third party rules and regulations. Now the policy is as given below:

1. Every student has to apply to the course in prescribed format only

2.Every student is granted provisional admission to a course either offered by Knowledge Institute or by third party, after verification of application & documents the admission is confirmed by concerned authority

3.Students shall comply with the requirement of the same as a responsible & disciplined student

4.Student has to declare that he / she is applying to the course of Knowledge or third party, on his/her own & he/she has been adequately confirmed the details about the course, fees, rules, regulations & other information pertaining to enrollment given by the institute or third party on their website or on notice board

5.Student has to acknowledge that he/she has thoroughly studied & have gone through all the details mentioned on official websites of concern organizations as well as UGC, DEB & AICTE and education ministry of state & central Govt.

6.Student takes full responsibility to ensure that he/she shall review the rules, regulations & policies of these bodies during his/her study period as the most current rules are applied & may differ from time to time during enrollment period.

7.Students must understand that he/she has access to view all the rules & policies laid on the website of the University as well as on the website of all concerned parties. Please refer to the Legal disclaimer given above

8.Students must agree to act in accordance with the regulations, statutes & disciplinary procedure of concern authority or organization

9.Students must understand that there are eligibility requirements that must be met in order to be applicable for admission to any course

10.Students must agree to pay fees, taxes & charges arising from his/her enrollment & academic activity as detailed in the invoice on or before the prescribed due date mentioned therein

11.Students must understand that there are late fees & penalties for not paying fees on the prescribed due date & he/she is liable for this and must incur them

12.Students must understand that if fees are not cleared by the date mentioned in the Invoice, he/she may be withdrawn from that admission session & will not be allowed to appear for an exam & admission may get cancelled

13.Student has to submit internal assignments before the date of submission otherwise he/she shall be marked as absent and no grievance can be lodged for whatever reason may beStudents have to appear all the sessions in case of face to face courses(Certificate or Diploma courses offered by Knowledge Institute only), minimum 75% attendance is must otherwise students will not be allowed to appear at the end exam

14.Students must take full responsibility to treat all members of the staff of Knowledge Institute and / or University which includes academic, administration & professional staff with respect & courtesy regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, social background, disability, sexual preference or religious beliefs & customs

15.Students must understand that if he/she engages in threatening, harassing, discriminatory & bullying behavior towards the staff of the admission center or University (even on social media), he/she may be liable for criminal prosecution and / or civil action together with any section, concern organization chooses to apply

16.Students will not defame concerned organizations or any staff of the institute directly or indirectly by using any media (eg, Facebook, Internet, Google+, Tweeter, WhatsApp, social media, print media etc). He/She may be debarred permanently if found involved in such cases, also no fee shall be refunded

17.Students must understand that for any grievances, he/she will have to file a complaint in writing or by email to the institute & he/she will abide by the decision of management on that complaint

18.Students must acknowledge that he/she will appear for all the exams as per the timetable and after the exam it will take minimum 4 to 6 months to know the result of the exam appeared, this period may be prolonged in case of unforeseen reasons

19.Student/parent must acknowledge that he/she is applying for a course on his own and the decision to enroll for any course was taken under a transparent environment without any pressure or influence from any representative of the Institute

20.Student/Parent must know that he/she shall be completely responsible for the consequences if any arises at any point of time during his/her study period which are beyond our control such as earthquake, fire, natural calamities, sudden changes in rules and regulations by governing bodies and no fee can be refunded in such cases 


Students must know that in case if he/she wishes to discontinue his/her admission due to personal or any other reason,
he/she can apply for a fee refund** within 7 (Seven) days of the registration. No questions will be asked while refunding the fees. Fees once paid are not refundable under any circumstances later after 7 days. We are not responsible for fee refund policy of third party organization courses if any. Students are advised to check this with concern organization before enrolling to any course.

Privacy Policy

Under the privacy policy of Knowledge Institute of Skill and Jobs, the data of students is not shared with any non partnering organization for commercial purposes. The personal data of students is shared with such an organisation where students seek admission. However Knowledge Institute and its parent or partner organization
may contact you by using various communication modes eg. phone, mobile, email, messaging etc to inform about new courses, new services, products, offers, notices, reminders, newsletters, important information to registered inquiries or enrollments. For this Knowledge Institute and it’s parent organization / partner organisation will use personal contact details of students or clients eg. Personal mobiles, phones, email id’s or the postal address etc.

Knowledge Institute takes optimum care to safeguard the private contact details of students or clients but cannot guarantee the protection of private data due to advanced hacking techniques used by hackers illegally all over the world, which is beyond our control. Knowledge Institute and it’s parent / partner organization will not be responsible for any damages suffered by client/students/parent in such cases.

Users data is accessed & used by Knowledge Institue's employees at every stage for administration purposes. Our employee is trustworthy however Knowledge Institute can not give any assurance or guarantee that the data can not be leaked or stolen by persons involved in day to day functioning along with our ex-employees. Institutions can deal firmly in such cases with dismissal of an employee and/or filing a lawsuit against involved persons and bringing such culprits to justice according to latest provisions in law. 

E-Commerce Flow

E-commerce flow denotes the flow of money paid by student or client by using a credit or debit card or net banking to buy services or goods (Applicable to transactions made by using payment gateway link provided by Knowledge Institute only)

The flow is explained below:

  1. Student or Client selects course or service or product on Knowledge Institute website and clicks on ‘pay now’ button.
  2. The student or client is sent to the payment page of the online payment gateway, there he/she has to select a payment option and fills the details.
  3. Payment Gateway sends the student/client and payment details to the correct bank.
  4. The Bank verifies the details and tells about success or failure of transaction.
  5. Student/client showed a success or failure page on the website.
  6. For every successful transaction the captured funds are credited into our bank account by payment gateway organisation / bank in due course.
  7. Students need to visit the website of the concerned payment gateway company, to know more about the Authorize, Capture, Refund, Cancel & Charge back regarding Credit, Debit Card or Net banking Transactions.
  8. In the case of a product/course/consulting fee refund** request by you, the service or transaction charges levied by payment gateway company or bank are not refunded for any reason whatever it may be. Students are requested to go through students policy before making any online payments for admission. The policy published on the website is applicable to every student whether he/she signed it or not and it is assumed that the student is willing to follow the policy. 

Owner Of Site

This website is owned by Knowledge Institute of Skill and Jobs LLP. All rights are reserved. No part on the website can be reproduced in any form without permission. Error (if-any) may kindly be communicated to Knowledge Institute on Email-care<@> Jurisdiction-Thane, Maharashtra.