Common Charger for All Phones?

Do you require Common Charger for All Phones?

European Union Parliament Members held a hearing on ‘To Do’ for Smartphone manufacturers, this week. If approved unanimously, in the region, the manufacturers should have to produce and supply common chargers for all smartphones, Cameras, e-readers and digital gadgets.

Why it’s happening so? Well, the EU estimated that roughly 51,000 metric tonnes of electronic waste i.e. E-Waste are produced every year in the region. The EU members also mentioned that the consumer will reduce consumer’s cost and increase convenience.

In 2009 the EU had signed an agreement with giants like Apple, Samsung, and Nokia, etc. to introduce the common charger that fits all models. The agreement expired in 2014. EU tried again but failed to get consensus due to technical challenges faced by producers.

There are 3 major types of charging plugs available in the market:

  1. USB 2.0 micro B
  2. USB-C
  3. Apple’s Lightning

It’s heard that Apple has some reservations about this proposal. The EU looks determinant to save the environment.

If the rest of the world unites with the EU, this will be a big boost to safeguard the environment from E-waste.

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